About Us

Dodge Challenger SRT8 recieving a ceramic coating with our elite professional spray installation.  We are one of the few shops certified to install ceramic coatings with this advanced method giving the vehicle a higher gloss, a thicker finish and better coverage than those who hand apply coatings.

We Are Specialized

With 22 years experience the services we offer are professional and all employees have passed a demanding and rigorous evaluation designed by the top companies in the industry.  Making our team specialized to handle your vehicle and the products being installed correctly.

(Owner) Michael Fernandez showing one of the main tools of the trade, Iwata ceramic coating gun

It's Not About Money

It's not about money whenever we're working on your vehicles.  It's about giving your vehicle the best quality and making it last.  Knowing that we created something special and lasting for clients is our most important job.


We're Looking For Clients

We're looking for clients not just customers.  We try and develop a relationship with everyone who walks through the door so they understand they're special and so is their vehicle.  

Are you ready to become a client?


Tuxedo black Kia Stinger GT that recieved Diamond 10H Ceramic Coating

Rhonda K. McWilliams

The Customer Service was AWESOME!  BEYOND pleased with the ceramic coating!!  It makes my car even hotter!!